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At AMZ Ready, we help you optimize your book listing, strategize promotion plans, and run sponsored campaigns effectively.

You Write The Story, We Promote Your

Your Book Listings is a Marketing Opportunity.

Listing books is not simple as just uploading and clicking publish. We can write your metadata, submit your book for the "look inside" program, and get some early reviews. The metadata helps books to appear on Amazon for any relevant keywords. The look inside program helps viewers to look at certain pages of your book and grabs their attention. Reviews are the highest selling point, and we ensure that you get many.

Promote For More Reach And Sales.

Once the listing is done, you can't just wait for the sales. You have to make sales ASAP cause time is money. AMZ READY will strategize regular monthly promotions to increase your book sales. Amazon gives you some options like "Count Down Deals" and "Free Promotion." You have to choose one at a time you can't do both. We have used both strategies and more for multiple authors, and we know how to make the best of them for your book as well

Pay Per Click Is The Ultimate Solution.

Your book needs to have traffic for sales, but SEO is a long-term game. So, you need something to make your seconds count. PPC is a very powerful strategy, but it is also hard to manage. If not handled carefully, you can end up losing a lot more than you could have made. We at AMZ READY have years of experience in running PPC campaigns for Stores and Authors. So, your book will be in good hands. We will take your book in front of interested buyers.


Amazon Book Marketing solutions:

We want to help your brand and product listings to perform their best on Amazon. To ensure the success of your Amazon business, we offer you the following solutions.

Book Listing Optimization

Our experts have been writing listing copies since Amazon was selling books. AMZ READY writes to sell and incorporate your copy with the right keywords to sell consistently.

Promotional Campaigns

Running a promotional campaign is tricky. You need to know the right discount and set the right timer. You must also time your campaign right. We can do all this for your success.

Amazon Book PPC

PPC is a double-sided sword. Only a trained professional is qualified to manage it. If you don't want your budget to get hurt, get connected with us. We can help.

Some FAQs.

What Is The Look Inside Program?

The look inside the program is a promotional option by Amazon. This program shows certain pages from your book to the people to grab their attention for you.

Should I Run A Free Promotion?

It depends on your goals. If you intend to use your book to sell something else, then Yes, but if your book is your primary product, then No.

When Should You Launch A Campaign?

The right time to launch your campaign is right after publishing. This helps you to leverage the early push you get from Amazon. Make sure professionals manage your campaigns.